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The Form8tor® Benefits
Technical Specifications
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  Work 8 times faster.
The unique tri-rotational technology of the Form8tor® allows up to 8 bends to be produced at any one time, increasing productivity and profit levels.

Open up new markets.
The flexibility of the Form8tor® satisfies all markets - from repetition orders for new build or static caravans, straightforward arches for residential doorways, bespoke designs for conservatories or gothic/arabic designs for church restorations and numerous others.

Simplify manufacture.
All components are made from durable and lightweight materials that are interchangeable creating a simplified manufacturing operation.

Unlimited flexibility.
The Form8tor® has a unique surface design, which incorporates six separate adjustable segments that guarantee a flawless horizontal flat bed. When combined with the universal components of the Form8tor®, the segments also provide an unlimited surface space for larger dimensions and repetitive bends.

Space Saving.
Designed to suit everyone's requirements, the Form8tor® fits into a compact area that only requires 6M x 6M of floor space.

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